Blockbuster Store Airbnb

Movie buffs, this opportunity is sure to make you reach for your popcorn and snacks: The last-ever Blockbuster location has been turned into an Airbnb, and you could rent a few nights there and have a sleepover! Located in Deschutes County, Oregon, this last-standing location conjures up the nostalgia of the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, when one of the only ways to rent a movie was to head to the iconic yellow-and-blue-themed store and pick one out. The store has been converted into a cozy space, with beanbags and couches covering most of the floor space in the old store, allowing you and your friends enough space to sprawl comfortably in front of a screen and veg out. The 90s-themed décor and the drinks and snacks (mentioned by previous guests in every one of their reviews!) tie the whole experience together, making for a few unforgettable nights. Indulge in the familiar feeling of a movie or game night with your friends, all while enjoying the brand new experience of sleeping inside of a Blockbuster. If this experience interests you, grab your friends and start planning now: the Airbnb is booked until 2024, so you might as well plan big and make a trip of it!

Check it out here:

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