Fender Mustang Micro Guitar Amplifier

This creation from Fender is an absolute gift for home-guitarists, and anyone who lives with them. The Mustang Micro is a mini electric guitar amplifier that you simply plug straight into your guitar, connect a pair of headphones, and you can play to your heart's content without worrying about upsetting the neighbours or anyone else in the vicinity. A great tool for touring guitarists, as a travel companion, or for taking anywhere that you want to practice but don't want to lug an amp. This thing fits in your pocket, and features a wide selection of tones and effects from Fender's Mustang series of amps, including a variety of clean and heavy tones, delay, reverb, modulation, etc.

It has over 4 hours of play time and comes with rechargeable batteries and features "Bluetooth streaming with audio sync - pair with a mobile device or computer to jam along with your favorite songs or instructional videos in real time."

Might actually buy one of these myself...

Click below to view on Amazon or visit Fender.com

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