FreeWrite Traveler

I know I’m not alone when I dream about running off to a cabin in the woods, away from society and the Internet, with only my typewriter to get work done. Freewrite has made this literally a possibility with the Freewrite Traveler, the second, more portable, edition of their Freewrite writing tool. Basically, I normally try to get writing done on the computer or tablet, with notification after notification, with so many different applications, and the LED screen causing eye strain. The Freewrite Traveler changes everything by only letting you do only what is necessary: Type words, and words appear on the screen. The only Wifi function on this thing allows you to directly upload your writing to the cloud, through Dropbox, Evernote, or Google Drive - or you can simply plug into your USB input on your laptop to instantly download everything written during your various off-grid adventures, even if you’re just in the neighborhood coffee shop. Literal game-changer for any writer looking to unlock their creative potential the old-fashioned way.

Visit Astrohaus or check it out on Huckberry below:

The FreeWrite comes with a handy carry-case:

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