Marshall Voice Speakers With Amazon Alexa

Marshall are no longer just a producer of some of the best guitar amplifiers in the world, they've also been making headphones and speakers for a long time now. One of their latest innovations is this range of speakers with Alexa (and one with Google Assistant, too). The speakers are designed true to Marshall's iconic style, with beautiful black and gold, and vinyl covering on the Stanbridge II and Acton II models (see below), and of course the classic Marshall script logo. Love it or hate it, virtual assistant and AI tech are here to say, and for some people they just make life easier. In Marshall's words: "Can’t remember the name of a song? Say the lyrics and Alexa will find it for you. Looking for information on when your favourite band goes on tour? Just ask. You can even have Alexa remind you when tickets go on sale, help you tune your guitar, learn music theory, test your music knowledge, or catch you up on the latest news. Alexa and Marshall Voice really are a match made in music heaven."

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Left to right: Stanmore II, Uxbridge and Acton II.

The Uxbridge

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