Moppe Apparatus TD-MP1 by Doehmers Research Lab

When functionality meets design, beautiful things can happen. The Moppe Apparatus TD-MP1 is a concept bike with an unbelievably cool, futuristic look. Though not yet in production, this vehicle is described by its creators as “rideable art,” with an aerodynamic body design meant to carry its rider silently from point A to point B. Though this little machine isn’t a powerhouse by any means, the creators of this bike hope that it will help make the world of electric bikes more diverse and attract more people to the scene. With a dock for an iPhone, which then becomes the whole user interface for the vehicle, this bike is as handy as it is lightweight. The TD-MP1 has the potential to be produced in small quantities as a result of some early interest in its design.

The Doehmers Research Lab, the company responsible for the design, welcomes investors who might help make this dream a reality for them. They are located in Sweden, and focus primarily on projects designed to improve daily life, with an emphasis on transportation, living spaces, improved technology, and robotics, among other things. The Doehmers Research Lab supports designs that contribute to sustainability and an improvement in future living conditions as well.

Take a look at the Moppe Apparatus TD-MP1 below:

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