Roccbox Pizza Oven

We’ve all got opinions on the “delivered vs. frozen” pizza debate… but does anything ever beat homemade? The Roccbox is a portable pizza oven that takes up about as much space as a microwave, and is built exactly like the ovens in professional kitchens and restaurants. With the Roccbox, you can make your pizzas exactly how you like them and never have to worry about tipping your delivery driver again… then you can use that extra money to buy the amount of pepperoni that you really mean when you say “extra.” This little oven runs on either propane or wood fuel, so if you already have a gas grill or just want to get rid of some firewood, you’re already halfway to the best pizza of your life. No need to worry if you have kids or pets running around, either: the outside of the oven is covered in a touch-safe silicone jacket to prevent burns.

Check out this cool little contraption on Huckberry below:

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