Shelby Destroyer Foam Disc Blaster

I wish I'd had this when I was a kid! This super-cool invention is the "Shelby Destroyer", a foam disk blaster dreamed up by Father and Son team David and Henry Pisor. What an amazing thing to do with your son! The Shelby Destroyer takes Nerf gun wars to another level - this is the most accurate, rugged and innovative foam disk blaster on the market. It features fully-automatic and semi-automatic settings and can fire six rounds per second! There’s 120 discs per magazine and no risk of jammed ammo because of the foam disc design. It also comes with a removable rechargeable lithium battery complete with an external charging base. Imagine the hours of fun you could have with these things - get a group of friends together and have a war without the need for all the safety equipment that goes with airsoft or paintball. I have a feeling adults will be as interested in this as the kids.

The Pisor boys obviously believe in their product - it comes with a 25-year warranty. Pretty bold move when it comes to a boy's toy! They launched on Indiegogo recently and are currently at the prototype stage, and hope to be ready to ship by December.

Head over to their Indiegogo page to check them out or to back the project:

The Father and Son duo:

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