SurfaceSoap UV

Unmentionable viruses. Bacteria. GERMS! In today’s world, we just can’t risk touching dirty surfaces like we used to, but carrying disinfectant wipes with us wherever we go isn’t feasible. The SurfaceSoap UV Sanitizing Wand offers an easy, portable, and fast way to effectively sanitize surfaces wherever you need it. Using UV light rather than chemicals, the wand is a safe alternative to harsh sanitizing ingredients. Not only that, but it kills more germs and viruses faster than traditional wipes. Disinfect anything from gym equipment to laptops to public bathrooms in just seconds.

SurfaceSoap UV is also the only UV-C disinfecting wand that actually killed 99.9% of bacteria in a trial run against eight of its top competitors. See the trial video and the wand’s other cool attributes below:

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