The Filmmaker’s Hut

A looming black cabin on the banks of a calm, Finnish lake might be the perfect place to spark creative inspiration. Designed by native architects Pirinen & Salo as a studio for a filmmaker, this building was constructed with art in mind. At first glance, the structure almost blends in with the dark forest around it; however, on closer inspection, it refuses to let your attention go. The eerie black shingles that cover every inch of the cabin except for the windows are an interesting design choice that separates this cabin on the lake from most others. Inside, the barrel-vaulted ceilings conjure up images of churches that stretch up into the sky. Electronic appliances are hidden to keep the cabin looking as timeless as possible, undated by modern technology. This little cabin really is one-of-a-kind, nestled into a Finnish forest.

To check out more of the architect's work, click below:

Images courtesy of Pirinen & Salo

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