The Seventy2 Pro Survival System

If you’re a wilderness survival enthusiast or just the kind of person who likes to be ready no matter what comes your way, the Seventy2 Pro Survival System might be something that interests you! Similar in nature to a bug-out bag, this first-responder approved survival backpack comes stocked with the essentials: a water filter, a 2-person tent, a shovel/pickaxe combo, an air filtration mask, calorie-dense survival bars, fire-starting materials, sunscreen, and a radio, among many other things! With so much inside, it’s impressive that this bag only comes in at around 16 pounds and slightly over a foot tall, making it an indispensable, waterproof, and light-weight asset for any kind of adventure. Don’t let a terrifying event or natural disaster risk your life or catch you off guard. This backpack can help you (and another person!) comfortably survive the first 72 hours of an emergency.

Check it out below:

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